Vikash Singh
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Vikash Singh



l Sri Vivekananda Junior College               Andhra Pradesh, India

High School   2001 - 2003

l Pokhara University                              Pokhara, Nepal

Bachelor of Engineering                 2003 - 2007

l Thapar University                                    Punjab, India

Master of Engineering                                 2008 - 2010

l Yokohama National University                    Yokohama, Japan

Doctor of Engineering (Ph.D.)                         2013 - 2017

Work Experience

l EngineerYokohama, Japan, Daihachi Cooperation 2018-2019/10

l Postdoctoral, Yokohama, Japan, Yokohama National University, 2017-2018

l Assistant Professor, Uttarakhand, India, DIT University 2011-2013

l Assistant Professor, Himachal Pardesh, India, Chitkara University, 2010-2011

Awards, Grants & Honours

l Best paper award from IEEE VTS JapanChapter, 2017

l Scholarship from Japan Student Services Organization, 2015

l PhD scholarship from Yokohama National University, Japan, 2014-2017

l Excellent teacher award from DIT University, Uttarakhand, India.2012

Research Interests

Digital Communication (OFDM), Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN), and Structural Health Monitoring (SHM) .

Programming Skills

MATLAB, LATEX , C, C++, and Python


English: Professional working proficiency

Hindi: Native or bilingual proficiency

Nepalese: Native

Japanese: Elementary proficiency

List of Publications

1. V. Singh and H. Ochiai, “Performance analysis of the clustering-based multihop wireless energy harvesting sensor networks over symmetric and asymmetric fading channels,” International Journal of Distributed Sensor Networks, vol. 13, no. 2, Feb 1, 2017.

2. V. Singh and H. Ochiai, “Throughput improvement by cluster-based multihop wireless networks with energy harvesting relays,”  2017 IEEE Topical Conference on Wireless Sensors and Sensor Networks (WiSNet), Phoenix, AZ, 2017, pp. 61-64.

3. V. Singh and H. Ochiai, “An Efficient Time Switching Protocol with Adaptive Power Splitting for Wireless Energy Harvesting Relay Networks,” In the proceeding of IEEE VTC2017-Spring, Sydney, Australia, 2017 .

4. V. Singh and H. Ochiai, “A Common Subcarrier Allocation Scheme for Spectrally Efficient Subcarrier-Shared-OFDMA System,” In the proceeding of 2014 IEICE General Conference, Nigata, Japan, 2014.

5. R. Kumar, W. Zhao, and V. Singh, “Joint Time-Frequency Analysis of Seismic Signals: A Critical Review,” SDHM, vol.12, no.2, pp.65-83, 2018.

6. A. Singh, D. K. Rajoriya, and V. Singh, “Broad Acoustic Classi-fication of Spoken Hindi Hybrid Paired Words using Artificial Neural Networks,” International Journal of Computer Applications   vol. 52, no. 12, Aug. 2012

7. V. Singh, R. Kumar, and W. Zhao “Adaptive Time-Switching and Power-Splitting Protocols for Energy Harvesting Sensor Networks with Multiple Relays,” Journal of Computer Networks (Under review, second revision).

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